Online dating

29 Mar

Okay, so honestly, I think dating sucks.  It’s awkward.  I mean, you meet someone, they ask you on a date.. you get nervous, don’t know what to wear, don’t know what to talk about, want to be cool as a cucumber and seem mysterious… then the actual date comes… and oh boy.. it’s the biggest awkward turtle ever.  At least , that’s how I am.  I would rather skip all of that awkward first date junk and already “know” each other and be comfortable with each other.  It’s a lot like how Vince Vaughn describes dating on the movie “The Wedding Crashers” …

So online dating.. is even worse.  You meet this person online, their profile makes them seem like the perfect person.  You start emailing them on there.  They seem great.  You start to fantasize about your first date with this guy.  You have all these crazy ideas of what his mannerisms will be like, and how he will treat you, and what you two will talk about, etc.  Then you start talking to the guy on the phone.  Great phone conversations that last for hours.  You two even start acting silly on the phone together and find some many common interests.  Once it’s time for the first date, you’ve got this whole wild idea of what he’s going to be like and you have all these high expectations.  Then the date is a total flop and you’re left feeling pretty crummy and lonely and begging God to please send someone decent your way. 

Dating is already hard enough, without making it even more difficult with online dating. I do know some people who online dating has worked out really well for.  But as for me, it’s just not my cup of tea. 

I did try it once though…. I was going through a dry spell and my friend kept jokingly saying I should join eharmony. I finally decided, what the heck, I’ll give it a try… why not!?  If anything, at least it will be something to write about.

So, I found someone on there… and everything that I mentioned above happened.  We had wonderful phone conversations.  I thought I had found the “one”.  We finally decide to meet in person.  I have all of these anticipations and expectations and him just being perfectly perfect and sweeping me off my feet.  Well, let me tell you… he wasn’t as attractive in person as his pictures lead on.  And he was SUPER ANNOYING… he talked A LOT and his voice was even annoying… and whenever I would say something sarcastic or jokingly.. he would take it seriously?!  Then he was also trying to be really touchy feely and affectionate, like this wasn’t the first time we had met in person… I couldn’t take it… and then of course.. he was all “in love” with me.  It took a while to get rid of that one… What a mess. 

Anyone have any horror stories from online dating??? Anyone have any good stories ???

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