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An example of why I’m still single..

26 Jun

Friday night I was out and about in my old town with my Aunt.  We went to the piano bar and then at about 1:30am decided to go to Mr. B’s to finish out the night.  We sat at the bar and eventually this guy comes up to me and starts talking.  He asked me if I knew how to dance.  I told him that I know how to two step.  I remembered seeing him at the piano bar dancing with a girl in a dress and cowboy boots.  It was her birthday apparently, because she had to get up on stage with a guy who was getting married the next day and do some silly little dance.  Anyway, I danced two songs with the guy.  He then tried to kiss me at the end of the last song, after saying the whole time that I was a good dancer and I was like butter, it was like I wasn’t even there… umm whatever that means.  I turned my head, so that he kissed my cheek.  He then asked for my number.  I should have said no, but I’m a nice person and hate awkward moments like that, so I figure it’s easier to just give him my number and ignore him when he tries to call… ha.. okay maybe that’s not nice either, but easier  than saying no in person… something I need to work on.  He kept asking me what I was doing that night after the bar.  I said, I’m going to my parent’s house and going to sleep… he asked if he could call me later that night and I told him that no, I would be going to sleep. 


Anyway, I finally got a text from him last night and boy was it entertaining. Here’s what he said…


“Hey there its Kenny, u know the cute one from the piano bar Friday night.  Sorry it took me so long to say hi again, it has been a rough few days… but hello anyway”


I thought about not responding.. but I figured it would be slightly entertaining to see what he had to say.. I mean why has he had a rough few days, you know? So I respond with ..

“You mean Mr. B’s? Why a rough few days?”


Kenny: ” Ha ha no I remember u from the piano bar u put ur number n my phone and spelled ur name as mules.”


Okay, this is true.. I did put my number in his phone and was trying to put Jules, but it came out Mules… and I couldn’t fix it, so I let him, but this all happened at Mr. B’s, not the piano bar.  So I responded…


“Yeah that all happened at Mr. B’s.”


Kenny: “No cause I rememberu having to get on stage and do heads shoulders knees and toes with some nerdy dude that was getting marked the next day”

Kenny: ” I mean Married”


This is where it gets really funny… he thought I was that birthday girl he was dancing with at the piano bar obviously… I remember her name being Amy, because we had to keep yelling out Amy during the birthday song the piano guy played. So I said…
“Um yeah, that wasn’t me that got up there.  Her name was Amy.”


Kenny: “Oh shit I’m sorry, but u had a skirt on with boots right”

That’s what Amy was wearing……. so I said




Kenny: “This is very embarrassing… please tell me u r messing with me I was never at Mr. B’s… I don’t think.”

Me: “Wow.  You were at Mr. B’s.  It was about 1:30, we danced to the juke box.”

Kenny: ” Wow this is getting more embarrassing with every text, I’m very sorry. I’m thinking twice about even contacting you now.  I apologize so much. I hope I was polite.”

Me: “You were alright. It was 2am and you kept asking me what I was doing that night and I kept telling you that i was going to go home and go to sleep.”

Kenny: “Wow I can’t apologize enough… I got a dwi that night and so that’s why I say it was a rough night/days.  I understand if u don’t text back and if u don’t I will leave u alone. I’m very sorry.  But I had a total picture n mind of u and evidentally my mind is the only one who is playin tricks on me.  Would a pic of u be too far out of question.”


Me: “That sucks about the dwi.  You obviously don’t even remember meeting me, or that you even went to b’s so I think it’s best we just part ways now..”


Kenny: “I understand and I’m very sorry.. take care.”


Me: “You take care too.”


Poor guy. I feel kind of sorry for him.  I really need to learn to start saying no when someone asks me for my number and I don’t want to give it out… but then I wouldn’t have such amusing stories, now would I?