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30 Mar

I’m scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, this morning, on my iPhone, and I come across this post…

“A jealous girlfriend is a faithful girlfriend.  If she doesnt get jealous when someone has ur attention, its bcuz someone has hers.” 

WHAT!? Umm… I disagree!  And if I were a guy, I sure wouldn’t want a jealous girlfriend.  That would get annoying real fast.  This quote is basically saying that because I’m a mature, confident woman, who doesn’t get jealous easily, means that I’m an unfaithful girlfriend???? What a load of crap!  I’m confident enough to know that when I see my man checking out some cute girl across the room, it’s okay, because he’s coming home with me, and hey, I still look too!  Of course, my man makes me feel confident and secure, but I’m also just not an insecure person. Plus, if my man is going to be so distracted by another woman, it doesn’t really sound like he’s that into me, so maybe I should be looking for a new man. 

Silly jealously only leads to petty fights.  Silly jealousy isn’t healthy. 

Another thought is… what if the “girlfriend” is having another thing on the side … maybe that’s why she’s so quick to assume that just because a girl has her man’s attention that something is going on that she should be jealous of, because she’s got other things going on. 

I just see it this way, a boy makes a girl jealous, a man makes every other girl/woman in the room jealous of his woman. 

Women, if you are putting up with a man who makes you feel jealous .. maybe it’s time you move on and find someone who doesn’t.  Also, you need to be able to love yourself and be confident with yourself before you can ever have anything worth sharing to another person.